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Welcome to CAPSA South Africa!  We are suppliers of Big-Name brands in Computer and Printing supplies.  For High Resolution Solutions, feel free to contact us for a no obligation quote and lets get you the best solution for your home office or business!

CAPSA, established since January 2000 has been very successful in becoming the preferred supplier to the Government Departments and small to medium enterprises. Using its PDI status with a combination of its top class highly skilled IT and Sales Divisions with one of the best after sales support has made CAPSA a very successful company in a very competitive industry.

CAPSA guarantee’s service excellence.

The Team of people who operate and run CAPSA South Africa are inspired and motivated people who seek out the best solutions for you and your business!

We are inspired by two great legends, the late Mother Theresa and Mohandas Gandhi, pictured below.



              Mother Theresa                                  Mohandas Gandhi


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